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Desks 1,8 m

 Home Desk made of metal: sturdy and favourable

Desks 2,0 m

Affordable office-furniture, executive-desks with short delivery-times is produced and available only by Jet-Line.
Ergonomic office-furniture, combined with exclusive design, high quality and modern functionality is something that we want to be affordable for all of our customers.

Purchase your new office-furniture online from your expert partner. Tops Serivce, pre-assembly on request, approved quality.

Desks 2,2 m

Modern office-furniture and executive desks made of real-wood or with leather-optics

Buy your new office-furniture online. Take a look at the Jet-Line range of desks, tables, cabinets, shelves and many more.
Experience exclusive design and functionality combined. We look forward to help you with your decision over the phone.
Our line of exclusive desks ranges from 2 m to 3,2 m and moves you into the right light.

Desks 2,4 m

If manager-office or a high-quality home-office. It is always a high-quality desk that turns your workspace into the perfect surrounding for what you do.
Large tabletops and numerous shelver make our Jet-Line office-furniture indispensable for an effective working-space.
These desks also convince with ergonomic and aesthetic design-aspects.

Desks 2,6 m

When choosing your new desk one very important criteria is how you work.
Do you only need it to be practical or is it also intended to be representative with a unique design?
In case that you need both, these desks, produced by Jet-Line are the maximum you can get.

Desks 2,8 m

 Real-wood desks by Jet-Line, XXL-desks with exclusive design

Desks 3,2 m

The maximum you can get regarding office-desks; our executive-desk with 3,2 m length produced by Jet-Line and made of real-wood veneer with cherry-wood optics.